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Staying for a few days in Bucharest? Tired of paying top money on a dirty, old, communist-looking, “don’t understand what a clean bathroom means”, “our three stars mean something else in Romania” hotel room? Don’t want to waste time on transportation to downtown and the old town, where all the fun is?

If you answered yes we have an apartment for you. Click to check them out.

What We Offer

Our apartments are in downtown area (Universitate, Romana, historical city center) close to bars and restaurants, yet they’re quiet, far from the city roar, usually at higher floors, some of them with a view.

Comfortable Accommodations
5 star conditions for your staying.
In the Center of Bucharest
Most of our apartments are close to the historical center.
At Affordable Prices
Prices start from 30 Euros per night.

Where You May Stay

Choose where you want to stay: near the city center or out of the city roar, but with rapid access to the clubs and city life.

Check out our apartments

We offer a variety of accommodations, each one having certain perks and designs. We invite you to browse and choose the one most appropriate to your needs.

Check-in time is 1PM to 10PM, and check-out time is 11:30AM (call for late check-out).

We kindly remind you that all our apartments are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted only in the balconies, where present.

Book your staying now!

If you want to make a reservation, call us or send an email, using the form below. We will accommodate you as fast and nice as possible.